Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Green Ember series- S.D. Smith

The Green Ember is our favorite read aloud from this year.  And that is saying a lot.  We read tons of books together.  But there is something extra special about this one.  Heather and Picket are like old friends now. We refer to them  when a situation comes up and we need to be brave.  We repeat the oath to each other. This book is filled with adventure that will grab and keep your kids attention (and yours) throughout the entire story.  It is filled with love, friendship, beauty, truth, and goodness.  It really resonated with my family for many reasons - the characters have many chances to be brave, courageous, and make good, difficult choices. But another reason we love it is because these two characters have their entire world changed and they have to keep moving on and dealing with life as it comes at them. We have lived on three continents since my daughter was born seven years ago. We currently live in Africa. We know and deal with life changing moves and being put in situations which are entirely new to us. I love that we have this brilliant story that shows us how these two courageous rabbits handle big, scary events. This book is wonderful!!

And guess what?!!  There is going to be a second book!  

Ember Falls is in production right now!  And you can be a part of it.  Join this amazing author and support the kickstarter campaign.  There are so many wonderful items at each level that the hard part will be deciding which one to support.  Did I mention there are swords?  And necklaces?  And a gorgeous, hand-made coffee cup with rabbit ears?

To support and learn more about this awesome series, visit the Kickstarter campaign.

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