Thursday, August 22, 2013

French Twist by Catherine Crawford

This was a fun book to read!  The author is definitely in love with all things French.  She decides to try to change her parenting style from American helicopter mom to the  French method.

 It's very humorous to read.  Take this line, for instance:
"My children aren't particularly clingy when measured against their American peers, but compared to the French they are like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, minus the butcher knife." That's just awesome.

The book is full of charming stories about her family and her darling little girls.  I am pretty sure that I enjoyed every single page of this book.

The author tells a great story and shares some good advice.  I wouldn't say I got a lot of parenting advice out of this book because most of the things she did as a parent (before Frenchifying everything) weren't things I necessarily did or do with my daughter. I'd say I'm more closely tied to the French parents (especially on food, discipline, and good manners).  There are some good tips for new parents though and I'd say quite a few American parents could learn a lot by reading this book.

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  1. I heard about this book and thought it sounded like there were some pretty common sense things we could learn from French culture in some areas.

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